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Photographer's Statement

My creative journey began on a literary note wherein writing was my preferred form of expression. The transition from writing to exploring the moving image came through corporate presentations, and documentaries. With the mind getting still and focused, the presence of the Universal Force all around became a living reality that I started capturing through my 'still camera'. Spiritual symbols, temples, nature, and people - everything became representative of the Creator and His creation.

Photography for me is now the ultimate tool that helps me to explore the mystery of the Universe and the myriad manifestations of the supreme reality. The inspiration comes from within but the aesthetic forms of the omnipresence become photographic representations, a humble attempt to share the unfathomable through the visuals rendered by the camera. My work perhaps is a subjective expression of my personal world, representing my sensibilities, experiences, and 'Ananda' of the spirit.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of my work are shared with Sahayog Foundation which works primarily in education, health in rural Chattisgarh and Blue Cross of Hyderabad, an animal welfare organisation. The other NGO which is supported is Home For The Aged, run by Little Sisters of The Poor in Hyderabad.

» Sahayog Foundation - Chhattisgarh
» The Blue Cross of Hyderabad

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